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Selling on Kijiji: 4 Common Buyers Nobody Likes

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You’ve run into these Kijiji buyers and they’re the worst. We all wish they would just go away. 

Here at Phone Hook-Ups, we have our own class of pet peeve buyers based on our experience in the market of cell phones. Given our responsibility to educate our clients and the world, we feel the need to shed light on these underrated societal pests.

Here are four types of phone buyers to watch out for when selling on Kijiji:

The Detective

The detective is the person who will start a seemingly normal phone inspection by assuming you’re ripping them off. They will ask why you’re selling your cell phone, and if your answer doesn’t sit well with them or make sense, they won’t buy.

Detectives most likely won’t take your word for anything. They could ask to meet in a public place so that you don’t rob them. Or worse, ask to meet at your place and this way, be able to hunt you down if anything goes wrong with the phone.

Since when did you become the bad guy in your own deal? We’ll never know.

The Inspector

selling on kijiji the inspectorThe buyers who do their homework and are very detail-oriented are what we call Inspectors. They check every component of the phone, and get turned off when they see a scratch or any other sign of usage.

You might as well forget it if you fail to include any extra details like a scratch on the back of the phone; this is a huge deal breaker for them.

With Inspectors, anything they think might not be right with the phone, even if untrue, can sway them from being a buyer.

They’re the kind of people where if an otherwise well-functioning phone happens to glitch while they’re trying it out, it scares them away instantly.

The “No-Show”

selling on kijiji no showThese are people who are usually running late, or never show up because “something came up.” They may not even get back to you about your ad either because they found a better deal or have simply lost interest.

You’d get stuck in traffic going to sell a phone to people at the other end of the island, only for them not to show up.

The No-Show’s problem is that they have no regard for your time. They have no sense of urgency and take their time, even if they’re late.

The “Low Baller”

selling on kijiji low ballerAfter the silent rejection of the “No-Show,” we now come to another special type of buyer when selling on kijiji. What we want you to understand about “Low Ballers” is that the condition of the phone is not what matters to them. Rather, they base their decision solely on price.

They’re the ones who’ll shock your system with a message casually cutting your price anywhere from ¾ to ½ your asking price. Have a phone ad for $600? The “Low Baller” responds just saying “$300.” It frustrates us as much as it does you.

They don’t have a valid reason as to why they’re negotiating; they negotiate just to negotiate. What’s worse is they may also call and spend about five minutes trying to convince you to cut the price for them only because they think it’s expensive, even if your price is one of the cheapest, or the cheapest on Kijiji.

They then leave the negotiations for when they meet you in person, and pathetically try to find something you two have in common so they can use it to their advantage to close a deal.

So watch out for these buyers…

Whether you’re just learning how to sell on Kijiji or you’ve been doing it for a while, many people imagine it as a smooth and speedy way to cash in on their unwanted phone(s). Now, Internet freaks have unfortunately taken up shop in Kijiji, and many buyers are unaware of these rampant predators.

Our role isn’t to scare you away from the site, but equip you with the tools to recognize these buyers and have a good experience on Kijiji. Don’t be disheartened if you do come across one of these four buyers.

Most frequently, your next buyer is where you least expect them to be, whether they’re right around the store aisle or walking on the same block as you.

If ever any doubts arise while selling on Kijiji or you’re in need of guidance, you know where to find us. Which of these four Kijiji buyers have you dealt with before? We’d love to read your comments!

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