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How To Quickly And Easily Sell Your Phone Online

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Whether you choose to use Kiiji, Facebook, eBay, letgo, or any other platform that’s available, here are some tips you can use to make the selling process quick and easy.

Here’s how you can sell your phone online quickly:

  1. Choose an attractive title. The best titles are simple and short. Make sure you include the best aspects of your phone, such as its make, model, storage capacity and it’s condition.
  2. Write a clear description. Make sure you provide specific information about the phone you’re selling. This helps show that you’re honest and buyers will be more inclined to contact you. I would also suggest including information like: the date the phone was purchased, whether or not you are the first owner, if the phone still has a warranty, what accessories you’re including, the phone’s cosmetic and interior condition, the memory storage and the carrier. When listing all this information, we would suggest using bullet point versus full paragraphs. This makes it easier for the buyer to figure out if it’s the right phone for them. Don’t forget to include your contact information. In my experience, including your phone number makes the selling process move faster because if people are looking to buy a phone right away, they can just call or text you for a quicker response.
  3. Take clear photos. Make sure you pick a good background that isn’t going to distract from the phone. I would suggest a nice clean surface that is a neutral color. When taking photos, make sure to capture a variety of angles. If there are any scratches or imperfections, make sure you include those so the buyer is fully aware of the phone’s condition.
  4. Research what your phone is worth. Be reasonable when you’re choosing a listing price and prepare to negotiate. People will always try to get a better price. You can do this through the Kijiji price checker as well as by simply looking around to see how other people are pricing similar phones. If you price your phone somewhere in between the cheaper and more expensive options, your phone should sell quickly. When negotiating with a buyer, make sure you’re a little flexible – but not too flexible. There will be the people who lowball, but there are also the people who are just trying to get the best, fairest price they can. Even lowering your price by $20 can mean the difference between them buying or walking. You can always list your phone at a slightly higher price to compensate for the negotiation that will most likely happen.
  5. Keep your ads fresh and up to date. If you’re selling on a platform like Kijiji, you will see that the ads are ranked from newest to oldest. This means that as people post other ads, yours will get pushed down. We would suggest reposting your ad every two days or so since the cell phone category is quite competitive. If you want to be even more competitive, you can repost your ad once per day to get your phone sold even faster – that’s if you have the time. Some other options include paying a fee to keep your ad at the top of the list and using the Kijiji Admark

Selling your phone doesn’t have to be hard or take a long time. You should get the best value for your phone versus just stuffing it in a drawer or even trading it in. If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to sell your phone with no problem.

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