The Phone Hook-Ups’ Way

How it works is, Phone Hook-Ups offers high-quality, used smartphones but for a portion of the cost of new smartphones. We’re able to do this because we get our like new phones in bulk directly from the carriers (Bell, Telus, Rogers, etc.). Upon receiving them, they undergo some thorough smartphone testing to ensure top-quality, and then we have them ready for purchase.

Off-Contract Phones

Our phones are divided into two main categories: carrier locked phones and carrier unlocked phones. On the one hand, our carrier unlocked phones are compatible with all GSM SIM cards around the world. On the other hand, our carrier locked phones would only be compatible with one of the major Canadian carriers – which are specified in their descriptions.

When you buy a locked phone from us, unlike buying directly from the carrier, you are not required to purchase a 2-year plan with it. You are free to insert your pre-paid or post-paid SIM card and use it right away, or even give it as a gift.

Avoid Internet Cell Phone Scams

There are tons of potential scams when you’re thinking of selling your phone or wanting to buy used cell phones. These scams could include lost or stolen phones, money scams, and so much more. At Phone Hook-Ups, our phones are thoroughly inspected by experts, and to give you peace of mind, we provide a lifetime warranty on “Blacklist”.

High-End Phones

Our technicians are trained to inspect each and every single phone we get from our suppliers. We run many smartphones tests, both inside and out, to ensure they are high-quality and ready for you to use.

Save Tons of Money

We constantly study the market value of each phone model and based on those studies we place our prices. Our prices are very competitive and are often cheaper than the average prices on platforms like Kijiji and Craigslist.

Compatible with Canadian Carriers

Our carrier locked phones are compatible with one of the major Canadian carrier (Fido, Rogers, Bell, Telus, Videotron, SaskTel, Eastlink). Our carrier unlocked phones are compatible with all Canadian carriers, plus International carriers that use the GSM network.

30-Day Warranty

We provide a 30 day warranty with all our phones, along with a lifetime warranty on blacklisted phones. For more details, please click on “Warranty Terms”.