The Unexpected Christmas Gift

christmas phone

Like most people, the Apple Store has been my default for all things regarding my phone since the first one came out. Day in and day out, Apple draws many of us into their stores not only in our own towns, but all around the world with their cutting-edge technology and glossy screens.

Apple will always be our default, until something new and better comes. I think Phone-Hookups is the next big thing. Before I discovered PhoneHookups, I would’ve gone to Apple and paid an exorbitant price for a new phone. I got a brand new iPhone 6 Plus with AppleCare from him for such a great deal. I could rave about the service I got.

Right after my purchase, I was emailed a copy of the receipt of the phone when it was originally bought from the iPhone-with AppleCare. It was so great. I’ll never forget when I traveled to Atlanta last New Years and went to Apple to have them check out something on my phone. A young man exclaimed when the Apple employee informed his the the repair for his iPhone would be $320. His friend who accompanied him said, “That’s way too much.”

There’s a certain degree of comfort and security one gets from knowing when they go to Apple, the Genius Bar will take care of all my needs for little to no cost. There’s nothing like the feeling of going to the Genius Bar now-I love it. Besides that, not having a contract was such a big factor that persuaded me to buy from Phone Hookups. It’s so liberating and I see that this is the direction not just millennials, but younger and older age groups alike are headed towards. The sell/trade option gives the business that much more edge. It’s a brilliant angle.

All in all, I love my iPhone 6 Plus. Like when you buy a new article of clothing or something you’ve really been anticipating, I still have that new product excitement. It may never fade. I’m probably too attached to it not because of Instagram or Twitter, but because the overall package it came to me in was really too good to be true. It’s no wonder Apple is always full of people.

Most of the world is in love with their products, but if someone really wants to be ahead, they have to try the avant-garde, new-age Apple Store-PhoneHookups. It’s the Canadian tech scene’s best kept secret. I’m phone-hooked for life.