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7 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Cell Phone Camera

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Let’s be honest, most people don’t carry full cameras anymore. They simply use their phones! But does that mean that you’re sacrificing picture quality, absolutely not! To help you make the most of your cell phone camera, we’ve compiled a list of seven ways you can make the most of the camera on your cell phone. So if you’re someone who likes taking pictures but doesn’t want to carry a camera around with you, then just keep reading.

1. Make sure your camera lens is clean

The glass on a camera lens is very delicate, which means it has to be taken care of properly. You can’t just clean it with anything! The best way to make sure you’re cleaning your lens is by using a microfiber cloth or cotton swabs that have been moistened with distilled water. If you make sure you’re gently cleaning the lens, you will find that your pictures come out much clearer every time.

2. Reduce shakiness when taking a photo

There’s nothing worse than finding that perfect shot but because you’re not steady enough – it comes out blurry! A sure fire way to ruin a vacation or family photo, that’s for sure. A couple ways that you can steady things without having to whip out an tripod is by leaning up against a nearby wall, some kind of low surface or even using two hands and tucking your elbows into your body. Reducing shakiness is a great way to get that crisp picture you need for printing or social media.

3. Make sure your camera is focused on the right object

Again, blurriness is horrible! Another way you can fix this is by making sure your camera is focused in on the object that you want – well – in focus. Whether you’re an Android or an iPhone user, simply tap on the object you want you camera to focus on right before you take the photo. The camera will readjust and make sure the object you just tapped, is in fact, in focus. For example, if you’re wanting to take a picture of someone but they’re in front of a brightly lit window, just tap on their face and the camera will turn them into a gorgeous silhouette. And all it took was one tap of the finger. So simple and easy!

4. Use burst mode

Taking more pictures is a great way to not only get the perfect picture but to also be able to pick the one that turned out the best. When you’re about the take the photo, just touch and hold the shutter button – or the volume up button of iPhones and Androids – and the phone will continue to take photos as long as you hold the buttons. This is called burst mode

5. Use HDR high-dynamic range

This is a great setting that mixes three different exposures so you can see more detail in an environment that has lighter and darker areas. All the latest version of the iPhone and Android have this helpful feature. A great thing about this feature too is that it keeps your original image so you can compare.

6. Use the self timer

This is a feature that is available on most phones, if not all of them. This perfect for a shot where you want to use a tripod or have it sit on a surface. If you want to take a group shot without leaving anyone out, this is a great option. Typically, there are a couple options in terms of timing. Most phone will have three-seconds and ten-seconds to choose from.

7. Use filters and accessories

You can try and get creative by using different filters and accessories for your photos. Phones will have built in filters that you use right now, but there are also some that you can go and download like: Photoshop Express for IPhones and Androids. There are a bunch of lens accessories you can try out too like Olloclip – which can be slipped onto your phone – which can be used for wide-angle, telephoto and macro shots. It’s like you’re carrying around a DSLR but without all the weight and bulk. How amazing is that?

All of these tips and tricks are things that anyone can use and try. If you don’t feel like you’re overly tech-savvy, now to worry. These tips are super simple and require next to no knowledge to make happen.

So if you want to take photos that look like an expert took them, but you don’t want to carry around a camera or invest a lot of money into equipment, then give these tips a try!

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