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5 Most Common Ways to Wind Up With a Broken Phone

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Most of us have been there. You’re out having a good time and next thing you know; you have a broken phone. In fact, 33% of smartphone users have broken their phones at some point, according to a recent study done by Plaxo.

If you’re part of the 33% of people who have broken a smartphone or if you don’t feel like paying an average of over $550.00 to replace your phone, then this article is for you.

In this article we discuss the five most common ways people wind up with a broken phone so that you can take better care of your device and save yourself some money and frustration!

#1: Dropping Your Phone

Ever dropped your phone? 50% of the global population has done this too! Today, people are more reliant on their phones than they have ever been before. In fact, in 2017, the average user spends over four hours on their phone everyday. That means there are four hours everyday that our phones are at risk of slipping out of our hands and plummeting to the floor.

So how do you protect your phone from breaking if – and when – you drop it?

Get yourself a high-quality screen protector that will help make sure your screen doesn’t take the full blow when it hits the floor. Some options you could consider are OtterBox Alpha Glass, Moshi Airfoil Glass and Skinomi MatteSkin.

It’s also important to invest in a durable smartphone case. Look for one that provides a well-rounded protection option, which should include being drop-proof, waterproof or water resistant, crush-proof, etc. Some options you can look at include Lifeproof Cases, Tech21 Evo Elite Cases and Incipio Reprieve Sport Cases.

#2: Spilling Something on it

As of May 2017, 28% of people break their phones by dropping them in liquid and 8% spill something on their device. If you’re someone who likes having a beverage with you while you’re working at your desk or on any other surface that your phone also frequents, make sure your phone isn’t directly next to the liquid.

Be conscious of where your phone is and if it’s at risk of being spilled on and damaged by a liquid. Having a water damaged phone is a sure-fire way of losing all your phone’s contents – if you haven’t properly backed it up.

If you know that you’re someone who is likely to end up with a water damaged phone, we would suggest considering a waterproof case or even investing in a waterproof smartphone – which are now on the market.

#3: Sitting on it

Another common mishap is sitting on your phone. This makes you wonder, “How much weight can my phone withstand?”

According to a test done by Consumer Reports, the iPhone 6 Plus can handle 110 pounds of force before breaking. With the average weight of an adult being between 168-195 pounds, it’s clear that smartphones don’t stand a chance.

Before you go to sit down, make sure your phone isn’t in your back pocket. Keep it in a sweater or jacket pocket instead. A simple relocation will prevent you from breaking your phone with your body weight.

#4: Dropping it in The Toilet

Did you know that 19% of smartphone users have dropped their phone in the toilet? That means, not only are a large amount of people taking their phone to the bathroom with them, but one in five people are dropping their phones in the toilet.

The clear majority of people keep their phones in their front or back pockets. This causes a high-risk of it in fact falling out of your pocket and into the toilet. The simple solution is to not bring your phone to the bathroom with you. Leave it in the other room, or if you’re out, leave it with a friend to hold for you.

#5: Other Ways People Get a Broken Phone

Many of the scenarios above are extremely common and may have happened to you before. But, some of these next scenarios aren’t as common and may surprise you.

Many people have reported having lost their phone while they were riding a roller coaster! Don’t they have those bins where you can put your belongings? If not, maybe give it to a friend to hold for you – if they’re not riding – put it in a pocket that has a zipper or just don’t bring it with you.

Have you ever been taking a selfie while walking? Millions of other people have to. The difference being that some people have dropped their phone off of a bridge while they were walking and taking a selfie. It might be worth your while to stop walking, take your selfie and then continue on your way.

Keep Your Phone Alive!

With the average time from point of purchase to breaking your phone being only ten weeks, it’s important to take proper precautions and avoid the high-risk situations we’ve listed above. By doing so, hopefully we can get your smartphone to week eleven and beyond!

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